green branch

social justice library and gathering space for youth of all ages

Mission and Support

This blog is an up-to-date companion site to Check in here to keep on top of what’s happening at Green Branch, everyone’s favorite social justice library and resource center for youth of all ages!

Green Branch is an Oakland-based resource library and community space focusing on social and environmental justice. Our space welcomes children and youth of all ages, and their families and educators.

We believe that kids can change the world! Green Branch gives them the space and resources to do so.

Please donate if you can, here:

And join our growing list of amazing supporters! We gratefully accept financial support, and donations of your favorite social justice book.

In the past year, we are so lucky to have been supported by the following individuals, families, and organizations:

Leda Dederich and Andy Gaines

Yana Johnson and Sue Mahon

Emily Dirkson

Rachel Steiger-Meister

Thelma Leskowitz

Sarah and Matt Rundell

David and Jean Gumpert

Mark Thomas

Lauren Ercole

Laura and Jeremy Weintroub

Camille Porter and Jesse Hollander

Michele Gachowski

Sheila Roman

Rachel Long

Sophia Zander

Stephanie Griffin

Jeffrey and Joanne Brensilver

Kim Oswald

Rebecca Rice and Greg Brensilver

Mimi Tsang and William Norton

Kimberly Kerlin

Sara Kashima

Emmanuelle Rapicavoli

Susan Whitecotton

Jonathon and Amelia Foos

Kelly Dugan and Anand Singh

RB McSparran

Holly and Joel Grossman

Naomi and John Rice

Jason Cheung

Matthew Brensilver

Colleen Blakelock

Fella Cederbaum

Rick and Doreen Leskowitz

Danika Kleiber and Adam Cormier

Shimon Israel and Nancy Monnig

Kim Barstow

Bakari Kafele

Joel Leskowitz

Fred Leskowitz

Ruth Leskowitz

Meri Barsky

Sarah Rice

Maribeth Boelts

David Leskowitz

Laurie Signore

Jon Adams

Jeremy Begin

Liz and Will Monnin-Browder

Cindy Chang

Chloe Veltman

Chloe Gladstone

David Kim

Iris Halpern

Anjali Ansari

Encian Pastel

Lana Porcello


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